Day 3 of the Amritpal Singh manhunt sees the surrender of the preacher’s uncle and a driver

Day 3 of the Amritpal Singh manhunt sees the surrender of the preacher’s uncle and a driver

The uncle and driver of radical preacher Amritpal Singh have turned themselves in to Jalandhar police as the manhunt for him enters its third day. Amritpal Singh, according to Punjab police, is still on the run.

According to PTI, Jalandhar Senior Superintendent of Police (Rural) Swarandeep Singh said that Amritpal’s uncle Harjit Singh and his driver Harpreet Singh turned themselves in late Sunday night outside a gurdwara in the Mehatpur neighbourhood of Jalandhar.

When the police were pursuing them, Amritpal’s uncle Harijit and another passenger were travelling in a Mercedes. He allegedly told the police that the pair broke apart during a 15 to 16 kilometre police pursuit.

The Waris Punjab De organisation and its leader Amritpal Singh have been the targets of a crackdown by the state police, which has resulted in the arrest of 112 supporters, including close associates. even when the police drew near

According to reports, four of his close associates have been transferred to prisons in distant Assam and have been charged under the strict National Security Act (NSA).

The state government has been tasked by the Punjab and Haryana High Court to answer on Tuesday to a habeas corpus petition asserting that the preacher is already being held against his will by the police and needs to be freed. The hearing was conducted at Justice N S Shekhawat’s home office because the courts were closed. Amritpal allegedly gave the cops the finger during a Saturday automobile pursuit in the Jalandhar district.

On Amritpal, ntel

The security agencies’ intelligence inputs indicate that Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan preacher, used drugs.

centres for drug rehabilitation and a gurdwara where guns are kept. Additionally, he is accused of radicalising young people to commit suicide bombings.

The dossier claims that Singh, who allegedly returned from Dubai last year at the request of Pakistan’s ISI and abroad supporters of Khalistan, was involved in brainwashing young people to become “khadkoos,” or human bombs.

Experts and government representatives who are keeping an eye on the situation in Punjab claim that Pakistan, which is experiencing its worst economic period and has lost all wars it has fought with India, is doing everything in its power to divert attention from its people by embedding stooges like Amritpal Singh inside India.

A number of weapons and ammunition intended for the so-called Anandpur Khalsa Front (AKF), which was founded by Amritpal Singh, were recovered as part of the continuing inquiry. According to sources, police also seized uniforms and coats. They also noted that the firearms and ammo taken from the automobile of the radical Sikh preacher had “AKF” markings on them.

Indoctrinated and pressured into the “gun culture,” the youths who were admitted to the de-addiction facilities. According to the officials, they were being brainwashed to follow the example of murdered terrorist Dilawar Singh, who used a human bomb to kill former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh.

The extremist preacher used to go to “shaheedi samagams” (memorial ceremonies) for terrorists who had died, referring to them as “martyrs of the Panth” and extolling the usage of


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